No Grammy love here…

Not your average tea

Not your average tea

It would be so easy to sit back, sip tea, and shade the Grammy’s but, who isn’t going to do that over coffee today? Let’s dare to be different guys. Let’s talk about your inner circle.

Friends. How many of us have them? We all know the Whodini song well but the song never mentioned what color those so called friends were. Recently for Black History Month Jimmy Kimmel went to Hollywood Boulevard streets asking “Do you have a black friend?”. The video was definitely entertaining as the crowd tried to guess who had some people of color in their crew. Then the Jimmy flipped the script and asked a black guy if he had a white friend. Well, brotha man Lenwood from Virginia laughed and said, “no”. I didn’t know whether to be upset or not. Is he representing my entire race saying that we don’t kick it with them? Just what we need, somebody assuming we all hate white people again.

Before I could turn a judging eye towards Lenwood I asked myself the same question. And surprisingly I had the same answer. I wanted to say yes so bad but I would be struck with fear if they asked me ‘What was their name?’. I can’t say Susie when I haven’t spoke to her in four years. What happened to all my free-spirited white friends? When did they become only numbers on Facebook with zero phone contact? It’s apart of growing up to go off to college and slowly detach from your middle school and high school friends. Or at least thats what I’m trying to convince myself. I’m sure I would have white friends if I went to a PWI (predominately white institution) but, I go to a HBCU. They are kind of a rare sight.

So ladies, do you have any friends outside your race? Or is your crew looking pretty monochrome?

Enjoy your latte! Much Love XO


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