*Warning* This will make you a coffee fan

coffee guide

So I was on Pinterest and found some really great guides to understanding coffee. Some people say they don’t like coffee but let’s be honest. Hating coffee is like hating the nail salon, or alcohol. The real issue is you don’t know what to get because you don’t understand what’s on the menu.

For example, I used to hate coffee. Partially because I was scared I would stunt my growth, and partially because the only coffee I tasted was a sip out of my Granddaddy’s cup (he drank his coffee black). One day I decided to try coffee out again so I ordered a  Chai Latte. It was a safe balance between tea and coffee but it was actually delicious. So now I that’s my go to drink! Problem is, I would order it from one coffee shop and it would taste like Heaven then order it from Starbucks and it’s a watered down mess. Welp, thanks to Pinterest, I know exactly how I like my Chai 🙂 Enjoy!

Guides to coffee:




Coffee guide


Order up! Much Love XO


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