Why I love M.A.D. Black Girls

(Carina Sherman)

(Carina Sherman)

Last night Black Girls Rock was on. This is one award show that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to take on the world! It was created three years ago by Beverly Bond, a black woman that definitely rocks. She created a much needed platform that highlights the positive aspects of being a black girl. The shows recognizes not only celebrities but real girls. The awards include Living Legends, Rock Stars, Change Agents, Shot Callers, Social Humanitarians, Star Power, and M.A.D. girls. What are M.A.D. girls you say?

Girls who are Making. A. Difference.

For the past few years M.A.D. girls have been young entrepreneurs that will have you in awe. This year ‘s girls included Chental Song-Bembry, Gabrielle Jordan, and Kaya Thomas. They were recognized and shared the stage with the gorgeous FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama, Kaya Thomas, Chental-Song Bembry, Gabrielle Jordan Don’t they all look bomb? These girls earned their votes and are an inspiration to girls everywhere. The remind you that the sky is the limit.

Chental is the creator, author, and illustrator of the Honey Bunch Kids series. She speaks to youth about the importance of literacy, goal-setting, and the impact of reading on an academic level. Follow her on twitter @chentalsong.

Gabrielle is an author, the founder of ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute, an entrepreneurship program for youth, and the owner of Jewelz of Jordan. She is also the youngest member of the Great Black Speakers Bureau. You can follower her at @GabrielleIntl.

Last but not least, Kaya is a vlogger, techie, and creator of app We Read Too. The app helps readers find literature for and by people of color. She also runs a tech blog that gives coding tutorials. You can follow her at @kthomas901 and @WeReadTooApp.

You can check out past M.A.D. girls, performances, and by paraphernalia at www.blackgirlsrockinc.com

To get the full story on Beverly Bond you should check out her interview here with NBCBLK contributor Alex Titus.

Here is a quick video of post premier comments. Are you a Black Girl who Rocks? Share with me your thoughts on the show in the comment section.

Much Love XO


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