The Xperiment: Real friends say what?


If you didn’t have a couple shots of espresso in today’s coffee, this post will give you a jolt.

BET has a new show that I came across that is obviously targeted to young black adults called, the Xperiment. I decided to try to give it a fair chance because I’m serious what you all will think about it. First I had to check BET for a show synopsis because I just did not understand what I stumbled on. The Xperiment is a new viral clip that touches on all things pop culture with hosts,  Amberia Allen and Mike P. Similar to its counterparts Tosh.O and Ridiculousness, viral clip shows are basically silly with comedic rudeness. Check it out here.

The Xperiment

On Love and a Latte we talked about friends and friendships before. Well, in one episode the Xperiment gave their take on the topic from ‘Black culture’s’ point of view. A girl by the name of Tyrie was welcomed to the stage and shared her “theory”: The more disrespectful you are to your friend, the closer relationship you have.

The first sketch went something like this:

Girl- I had a fight boyfriend and now we’ve broken up. I’m so upset about it.

Friend- No don’t be! Girl you are strong, courageous, and a queen!

According to Tyrie, this is fake friend. Here is how the real friend responded in the second sketch:

Friend- Listen, You’re an a**hole. Like B**ch you can be such a f**king idiot but this ain’t your fault! I’m gonna keep real with you because you’re my b**ch so let me say you shouldn’t have dated that n**ga in the first place.

…Really? I just get done watching the finale of BGR and this is what comes on?! Why must we shed this nasty light on black women? It’s like BET took one step forward and three steps back. This piece put me to mind of Monique’s Phat Girls when the African guy asked, “Why do you Americans call each other b**ches” and Monique said, “It’s a term of endearment!”.

*Raises hand* Excuse me, I don’t agree.

Disrespect does not mean we are close, it’s the opposite. All of my good friends know Homie don’t play that. My inner circle MUST be uplifting. I understand I’m not the norm. People crave this kind of drama (just look at the Basketball Wives and Bad Girls Club numbers). My question is, is there room for these types of shows and jokes? or is it time to change perspectives?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Much Love! XO



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