What color is your music?

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I don’t know about you all, but I can only listen to certain types of music in the morning. This morning as I was searching for some new music on Youtube, I came across a series produced by Pharrell’s I Am Other team. The series is called Stereotypes. A tall guy pretty much walks around different cities and polls random people. My favorite video so far is called, “What Color is your Music?” Check it out:

I love this question because it makes you think. How diverse is your music playlist? I brought up the topic in a couple of conversations I had around campus. Being at a HBCU a few people said they listen to ‘white music’. I then asked them to define what was ‘white music’. The answer was typically country music, pop, and rock and roll. However, I love debating the fact that Rock and Roll was originated by Black artists. Given our history they just weren’t given the recognition due. Just last year Variety.com came out with an article stating Elvis Presley “invented” Rock and Roll. However, it is known that several Black artists preceded Elvis and even influenced him. Artists such as Chuck Berry, Ike Turner, Ray Charles, Big Mama Thorton and Fats Domino were overlooked but are black artists. If you ask Tumblr, you can add Sister Rosetta Tharpe to the list as a Black (and possibly gay) woman who created Rock and Roll.

So technically Rock and Roll is ‘black music’. The conversation goes more in depth as people told me that the color of the music was determined by the race of the artists. Only some white artists such as R&B favorites Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake, passed for ‘black music’ while white rapper Iggy Azelia is denied the pass.

I came to the conclusion that music does not have a color. Music should transcend race and stereotypes. You can listen to any preference of genre without a stigma placed on it. What do you all think?

Here’s a quick clip of someone’s random singing caught on tape (shhhhh):


-Much Love! XO


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