That’s Not Funny

Ok I know there are some dedicated SNL fans out there. Probably not because they think it’s still funny, but because they’ve been watching for years. I watched the finale of their 40th year anniversary and didn’t have too many laughs.

Louis C.K. did great during his Sprint skit but once “Riblet” came on the news show I was over it. Why is the loud sassy stereotypical black girl so hilarious to people? It’s not that I’m offended as a black girl because that’s not my characteristics, but jeez can they get a new joke! I was a little impressed by Riblet’s ability to switch in and out of professionalism, even though character seemed unisex. Like they couldn’t decide if the character was male or female but they just didn’t change anything.However, I couldn’t help but wonder if they just got hip to ‘switching’ from the recent episode of ABC’s Blackish.

Overall, this episode of SNL were some hits and misses. It was funny watching the cringing and nervousness of Louis C. K. when his jokes were getting borderline offensive. Much funnier than his molestation, racism, and sassy black girl jokes. But that’s just me.

What about you? Do you still get a kick out of middle aged white guys being hip to new slang with a sway attitude? Or would you not mind a little diversity and portraying black girls?


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