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That’s Not Funny

Ok I know there are some dedicated SNL fans out there. Probably not because they think it’s still funny, but because they’ve been watching for years. I watched the finale of their 40th year anniversary and didn’t have too many laughs.

Louis C.K. did great during his Sprint skit but once “Riblet” came on the news show I was over it. Why is the loud sassy stereotypical black girl so hilarious to people? It’s not that I’m offended as a black girl because that’s not my characteristics, but jeez can they get a new joke! I was a little impressed by Riblet’s ability to switch in and out of professionalism, even though character seemed unisex. Like they couldn’t decide if the character was male or female but they just didn’t change anything.However, I couldn’t help but wonder if they just got hip to ‘switching’ from the recent episode of ABC’s Blackish.

Overall, this episode of SNL were some hits and misses. It was funny watching the cringing and nervousness of Louis C. K. when his jokes were getting borderline offensive. Much funnier than his molestation, racism, and sassy black girl jokes. But that’s just me.

What about you? Do you still get a kick out of middle aged white guys being hip to new slang with a sway attitude? Or would you not mind a little diversity and portraying black girls?

On to the next level

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Some love for your recovery

My birthday came and went about a week ago. With the new digits the all too familiar question came falling out of multiple mouths, “Do you feel (insert new age)?” Am I supposed to feel this awe-inspiring enlightenment because of I’m a few hours older? Because I don’t. I’ve honestly felt like I was at a lull in my life. It wasn’t until this past Sunday that I received a message that gave me a new insight on life, in which I am going to share with all of you!

Five Stages of Recovery

by Bishop TD Jakes We are all recovering from something. Victory is not just an experience, it’s a process.

1. Control

“So many times we fight the symptoms and NOT the real source.” Ladies, it is time for us to grab control of our lives! We all heard anything worth having is worth working fighting for, well that includes our daily issues. By gaining control of our situations we are making room for so much more prosperity.

2. Conquest

Sometimes we feel stuck in a rut and most of those times it just means you are ready for a challenge! You need a CONQUEST. If you want to have life and live more abundantly, step outside of your comfort zone. Not necessarily in your love life (because I got that mixed up myself), but in your interests, goals, and experiences. Get out of your static circle and get into something that stretches you. Getting outside yourself with unselfish acts will bring you the blessings you are missing.

3. Confrontation

You cannot have full recovery if you cannot confront YOURSELF. We have to go back to the source. To not confront things isn’t healthy, it makes the situation worse. Confrontation is not necessarily adversarial. There is strength in a person who can work up the nerves to confront someone without getting angry. Addressing your story is the third step. We tend to remember things to our advantage as if we are the angels, but is it true?

4. Conquering

Conquest without confronting is a false sense of security. Anything you cannot confront you cannot conquer. So in order to conquer your challenge and move into better days, skipping the third step is NOT an option. Once you do confront the issues/road block in your way, move into winning! Conquer your conquest.

5. Championship

A conqueror is known by the fight he fought, but a champion is known as the winner she is. Romans 8:37 says, “We are MORE than conquers”. A champion is someone who is constantly winning. And who doesn’t want to win at life? One you win one thing you will crave that feeling of conquering. For champions, winning is instinct.   Is it time for your next conquest? Or am I alone in needing a new challenge so I can win at life?

Much Love XO

(Full Sermon here)